A warm welcome to the business world of the CDT-Group. Here you can find many information about our wide range of business offers and services. We are happy you found your way to us and we hope you enjoy the journey into the world of the dominoes.

Our experience

16 years experience in building dominos
2.2 Mio. positioned dominos
402h set-up duration
Our projects

In 2013, we featured in the Belgian TV-show ‘Wauters vs. Waes’ to support a duel between Koen Wauters and Tom Waes.

In spring time 2014, our team was part of a TV advert production for a greek telecommunication company in Athens.

Our biggest highlight so far: The launch of the new Ford car Ecosport Discovery in New Delhi.

The company FedEx invited us to star in one of their annual events. The idea was to surprise all employees of the company.