OTE Greece 2014

In spring time 2014, our team was part of a TV advert production for a greek telecommunication company in Athens. On each day we used about 12500 dominoes to shoot the buildup and fall down of different dominoes installations.

12.500 in several shots
2 Days Set-Up Duration
2 Builder

Wauters vs. Waes 2013

In 2013, we featured in the Belgian TV-show ‘Wauters vs. Waes’ to support a duel between Koen Wauters and Tom Waes. The two hosts of the show were introduced to the set-up of dominoes building by our team. Afterwards their task was to design their own dominoes parcours, which were then built up during a specific time limit. We advised and helped both hosts by pointing out technical weaknesses in their individual concepts.

2x 100.000 Dominos
5-6 Days Set-Up Duration
2x2 Supporter

Ford India 2013

Our biggest highlight was the launch of the new Ford car Ecosport Discovery in New Delhi. Multiple companies worked up to three months to realise this project. With the help of local dominoes supporters, we built a unique dominoes parcours. The installation was set up within a temporary building in form of a tent, which posed a real challenge to our team. This is why we are proud to show you how we managed to overcome this challenge and present you our final work here.

45.000-50.000 Dominos
5 Days Set-Up Duration
4 Builder

FedEx Event 2012

2012, the company FedEx invited us to star in one of their annual events. The idea was to surprise all employees of the company, which meant we had to work hidden behind a curtain. In just one day we built up an parcours with 10.000 dominoes. When the moment had come, the employees were able to help finish the parcours and to topple the fall down.

10.000 Dominos
1.5 Days Set-Up Duration
4 Builder