Domino Effect

The most important part of our services is the domino-effect. The domino-effect is not to be mistaken with some kind of technology, it purely describes the phenomenon of the chain reaction when a dominoes installation is toppled. Another example of the domino-effect is the sun, which produces daylight by a chain reaction of light fragments. There are many other examples of this phenomenon but they all share the same method. They are activated or triggered by something which then transfers energy to the next object, resulting is a continuous process.

We value all our customers and therefore strive to provide our best services to you. Our aim is to create your unique dominoes experience by realising a memorable event tailored to your ideas and your wishes. Our individual dominoes concepts are shaped by the inimitability and rareness of professional dominoes building, thus they delight and entertain so many people and make your project a great success.

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