Niclas Thumm


Niclas Thumm discovered that dominoes can inspire people at a very young age. He originally  used to play standard dominoes games which turned out into a real passion. Soon the 28 dominoes could not keep him entertained and he bought professional dominoes that he still uses in current dominoes projects. He now works with up to 285,000 dominoes and creates impressive dominoes installations.

Having successfully finished secondary school education, Niclas now studies law at Cologne University. One of his strengths is to keep track of complicated and stressful situations, which is essential for leading dominoes projects. His creativity and accuracy allow him to realise the most difficult parcours effortlessness.

Thomas Schäfer


Thomas Schäfer built his first dominoes installations at the age of six. He enjoyed playing dominoes games but when he grew up he lost his interest. In 2008 he met Niclas Thumm who told him about his passion for building dominoes and he inspired Thomas to pick up his old hobby. Not long after the two started planning more complex projects which motivated Thomas to practice his dominoes buildups. He now oversees all missions of the CDT-group and is responsible for the planning and the coordination of new projects.

Thomas Schäfer studies Media and Events management at university in Cologne. His studies have helped him to gain a broader knowledge of business management which is beneficial for his work for the CDT-group.

Patrick Kunzke

creative director

Patrick Kunzke has a great passion for photography and design. Next to his studies in Media and Event management, he spends a lot of time designing and editing digital artwork. Patrick joined the CDT-Group in spring 2014, with his keen eye for detail and perfection he designs all creative content for CDT projects.

Carolin Möller

account manager

Carolin Möller ist bereits durch ihre schulische Ausbildung bei Euraka (Baden-Baden), einem längeren Aufenthalt bei einer der erfolgreichsten Eventagenturen Deutschlands und ihrem derzeitigen Studium des Medien- und Eventmanagements ein wichtiges Mitglied im Unternehmen geworden. Sie organisiert die internen Abläufe und betreut darüberhinaus unsere Projekte im In- und Ausland. Seit Sommer 2014 ist Carolin Teil des Teams und seitdem für das Unternehmen bereits unerlässlich geworden.

Tim Weißker


Tim Weisskers joined the CDT-Group in 2010. He has successfully finished his degree in Media Technology. Within the CDT-group he develops all technical areas of the business. His main part contains to improve our planning software.