Our philosophy

In our 16 years of experience we have built up more than 2,000,000 dominoes. We are one of the most experienced teams worldwide and due to our professional and highly qualified team we can guarantee our customers maximum entertainment at minimum risk.

Our self-developed system allows for efficient dominoes building during the work-up phase. As soon as a dominoes installation is built up, our security logs secure the built-ups until the completion of the entire installation. Our know-how and our physical techniques reduce the risk of a fall-down of the dominoes parcours.

bearbeitet - professionalität
bearbeitet - qualität

Within our innovative business we constantly aim to improve our services. Part of this process is to continually work up to a high level of quality and to maintain the compliance of quality standards.

Moreover it is important to us to present our customers high quality dominoes parcours. Our basic principle is to put quality before quantity, as we do not see our challenge in building up as many dominoes as possible but rather to create a great atmosphere with our unique dominoes installations.


We believe creativity is not only inspiration but also communication. With this motto in mind we offer our customers a customer-oriented service and also pay careful attention to their brand communication.

In order to present our customers with innovative concepts we put a lot of emphasis on creativity when planning new dominoes parcours. Intercultural thinking and innovative ideas are essential criteria of our planning process.